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About us

Open Fields was birthed from a dream to see creatives come together to collaborate and make things they could not otherwise do on their own. Click to watch the Open Fields story.

The Open Fields story

When it comes to dreams, not many are able to be in the right place at the right time to turn them into reality.

For Ken Tan (founder), the desire to set up his own design studio coincided with the opportunity that arose! Coming from a long line of enterprising men: His grandfather who polished rusty nails & sold them to support his family as a young immigrant in the early years of the nation. Which built the foundation for Ken's father who started tailoring garments till he owned a garment factory.

When he was asked to pick up the baton from a family member that had a newly vacated furniture warehouse, he knew it was his chance to carry on the mantle of enterprise & creativity!

The fields are open

Situated along 3 busy roads nestled within a semi industrialised part of town, the warehouse space was as inspiring as it was daunting with its nearly 3000 Sq footprint and double height ceilings. Ken felt a gut response to pursue the idea of taking on the huge space to create something that would involve starting a creative community and within that community, build his design studio. Amongst friends, Ken pitched across the idea of a collaborative design studio and co-working space and found Mark and Steve who partnered with the vision, as they were on similar entrepreneurial journeys.

Collectively, the three came together to name this burgeoning “huddle”, “Open Fields” , inspired by notions of agriculture and co-operation. The logo itself, an abstraction of the mandarin word for “Field” 田.

More exciting formation is coming. Visit us and come have a look at the space!

Free yourself from the constraints of a conventional four-walled office space.

Nothing beats seeing the space for yourself. We offer one-time complimentary passes for our coworking & office rentals.

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"A hidden gem in one of Singapore's semi-industrial areas. Pricing for the workspace is affordable and the place is pretty aesthetic. I also like that there are other like-minded creatives working alongside me."
Dylan Ang, Three Buttons