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Planted in Open Fields: Eugene Seow, CDG Architects
"It's just a great, friendly and cohesive atmosphere here at Open Fields.", Eugene Seow of CDG Architects shares his experience at Open Fields.

Today. we speak with registered architecture firm, CDG Architects on Open Fields experience. The CDG team currently occupies one of the office spaces on the mezzanine floor of the co-working space.

When asked about his time here, Eugene quips, "We like to work together with our clients to design and craft the best possible spaces that ultimately exceed their expectations.  for the last 7 months has been a wonderful experience. It's just a great, friendly and cohesive atmosphere here in Open Fields." ⁠

"It has opened our eyes to the vast possibilities of collaboration and cooperation on a social and professional perspective, if like-minded individuals can work together to achieve a common goal and target."⁠

Given the rigours of running an architectural practice, you'll often see the CDG team pulling long hours in the space. If you're worried about wanting to pour in a couple of extra hours, we've got your covered with our flexible timings for the private desk and office options.

Should you like to get in touch with the CDG Architects team, you can contact them via

IG: @cdgarchitects; ⁠

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