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Planted in Open Fields: Ben of Todah Atelier
"A community that encourages each other to grow and press in despite difficult times", Ben shares his experience at Open Fields.

Ben from @Todah_Atelier focuses on handcrafted and hand-stitched custom luxury leather goods. ⁠

Having been planted in open fields for the last 12 months, Ben is known more than the leather crafter, but the wonderful barista here at our cosy space!

Ben in the makerspace, carefully crafting exquisite leather pieces.

When asked about his favourite thing about the space, Ben candidly shares "I think the gathering meal that happens once a month. We get to try different type of cuisine when one of the tenants isn’t local. All of us come from a different field of practice. Sometimes there will be sharing of our individual field of practice that brings perspective to others who aren’t in that field. There’s laughter and joy that makes the community lunch memorable." ⁠

Ben preparing to serve coffee — an essential here at Open Fields.

If you are interested to connect with this growing community of like minded entrepreneurs, don't hesitate to contact us! There is always room for you.

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