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Top 10 hotdesking spaces you need to try in Singapore
With many hotdesking providers available in Singapore, you're spoilt for choice when choosing one that's best for you. Here are ten hotdesking services to consider.

Hotdesking is gaining much traction in Singapore, evident by how many hotdesking spaces are springing up all across the island - from the Central Business District (CBD) to the industrial estates to even the heartlands. Moreover, it is discovered that 88% of employees in Asia-Pacific (including Singapore) now favour the office-remote hybrid model as compared to the traditional work model.

Hotdesking is becoming a popular alternative here especially since the global pandemic has hit the nation. Large offices in the CBD area are becoming uninhabited as people find it unsafe to work consecutively for five days a week, considering how packed they are with people. Many enterprises have resorted to flexible work arrangements like working from home and only rarely returning on-site when required.

However, while companies are embracing this new hybrid work model, other solutions are also being experimented with as working from home also has its drawbacks. The increased isolation and apparent zoom fatigue have affected the mental wellbeing of workers and decreased productivity levels. A lesson was learned that extended periods of working from home might not be feasible.

Hotdesking, as part of the hybrid work model, gives teams the ability to work on-site and have regular meetings with each other. This new option gives workers a healthy change in environment that they may appreciate for their wellbeing and for productive work to be done.

Curious about what it means to hotdesk? You'll be glad to know that there are free trials available to test out and you may see if it works for you.

10 Hotdesking service providers in Singapore for you to try

With so many hotdesking providers available in Singapore, it is easy to be spoilt for choice as to how to choose one that best fits your needs. Here are ten hotdesking services we have collated that you may wish to consider.

1. Open Fields

At the top of the list is none other than yours truly. We pride our hotdesking space here on being cosy and rustic. With a relatively open and compact space, this area allows for up to six hotdeskers at maximum occupancy (with COVID-19 safe distancing measures). This gives off a warm vibe instead of an extremely large and cold space with many more people. Located at the semi-industrial estate of Tai Seng, less than 5 minutes walk away from Tai Seng MRT, we are known to provide affordable hotdesking rates starting from $240 a month. Hotdeskers have reviewed this space to be chill, cafe-like and hipster, and they particularly enjoy the natural light. Book a free trial with us today!

2. JustCo
Image from JustCo

Next on the list is JustCo, a premium, cool yet cosy coworking space that has 19 outlets situated around Singapore, mostly in the CBD area. The hotdesking spaces offered come with many amenities such as an in-house cafe and entertainment facilities with a table-tennis table and an arcade room. However, the prices are not the most affordable given the premium services it offers. Prices start at $398 a month.

3. Wework
Image from Wework

WeWork is another giant when it comes to hotdesking. It is one of the world's biggest coworking companies, with 14 outlets located in Singapore - mostly in the CBD. The vibes of the space differ from location to location but are generally cool, premium, and focused. The amenities they offer are rather premium too, with espresso bars, kombucha, wellness rooms, and even a swimming pool in the Jalan Besar outlet. Similarly, the prices are on the high-end too, starting at $399 a month.

4. Mox
Image from Mox

Mox is a creative coworking space that looks and feels chill and relaxed. This space is great for creatives to come together to collaborate, generate ideas and share them. Being in this space turns on your creative juices and inspires you to be innovative. There are currently two locations, SCAPE, and Oxley (Dhoby Ghaut). Standard essential amenities here are similar to the ones at Open Fields and prices start at $180 for 10 days.

5. The Hive
Image from The Hive

The Hive is another coworking space that has many branches around Singapore, mostly around the central area (Lavender and Kallang). With the standard coworking amenities, you may hotdesk at this area with free coffee and a beautiful view across Singapore's urban landscape. Each of these spaces gives a different vibe from each other and depending on the outlet, they can be cafe-like, industrial, creative, and professional. Prices there are relatively affordable and start at $250 a month, depending on the location.

6. The Working Capitol
Memberships | The Working Capitol - Singapore
Image from The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol is another of the more affordable coworking spaces around with its only outlet at Keong Saik Road. Though the prices are cheaper for this huge space, the services and facilities they provide are not mediocre. Besides the standard amenities, breakout areas for short discussions and outdoor balconies are available for users to chill out and take a break from their working desks. Prices start affordably at $255 a month.

7. Found8
Found8 Hot Desk & Dedicated Desk Promotion
Image from Found8

Found8 is a cosy coworking space with multiple locations across Singapore and Malaysia, with three accessible locations here, Amoy Street, North Bridge Road, and Tanjong Pagar. Small businesses or startups might find this helpful: Found8 offers 1-on-1 business check-ins as part of some of their hotdesking packages. With friendly on-site staff and standard hotdesking amenities and facilities, Found8 has flexible pricing plans starting from $97 for two days a month to $530 for unlimited days a month.

8. Gather CoWork
Gather Cowork Space – Coworking Singapore CBD
Image from Gather CoWork

One of the few pet-friendly coworking spaces around, Gather is an aesthetically pleasing working space that is located at Martin Road (River Valley). The space was designed to (pun-intended) gather while working and have conversations, making it conducive for teams to collaborate. Only personalised quotations are available by reaching out to their hotline.

9. The General Room
The General Room | Book Space
Image from The General Room

Located in a prime location - Somerset, The General Room is a formal and professional coworking space with sleek interiors. Besides the standard and essential general work amenities, the tables there are spacious and it comes with ergonomic desks and chairs. Hotdesk prices start at $330 a month with free trials also available.

10. The Great Room
Coworking-Spaces-Singapore-The-Great-Room-Hot-Desking-Singapore-650×433-1 | The  Great Room
Image from The Great Room

Possibly the most premium hotdesking service around, The Great Room is a well-furnished and luxurious coworking space located in several prime areas in Singapore. Very high-end services are provided including free breakfast and free flow artisanal tea and coffee. Regular social events are also organised in this space, where tenants can participate and network with others. Hotdesking prices are at the top-end, at $750 a month due to the premium services it provides.

Comparison Table

Check out this table for a quick comparison across these various hotdesking providers!

Ultimately, your choice of coworking space boils down to what you're looking for that helps you stay focused, productive and at the top of your game. Should you like a complimentary week-long free trial at our space, please don't hesitate to contact us now!

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